Take pictures like illustrations.



Take pictures like illustrations.


Responding to iOS 7

Switching On/Off of a square image mode with Long press.


Can upload picture to  Facebook or Twitter.


Switching On/Off of monotone mode with TAP.


  Screen shot    click image


drawing-cam DrawingCam
by InsightfulCam by DrawingCam    
DrawingCam DrawingCam DrawingCam DrawingCam
square image mode


  monotone mode







Tap the camera change button, you can switch front and back camera.

Tap the camera button, the picture will still.

Tap the save button, and select CameraRoll then the image is saved.

Still pictures start moving again on tap the trash button.

If you don't touch the screen, status bar and each button disappear in 10 seconds.

Once again it displayed when you tap the screen.


★Upload the shot to Facebook or Twitter

Tap the save button, you can choose how to save the image.

If you choose Facebook, you can write comments and tap "Post".

If you choose Twitter, you can tweet and tap "Send".

When the data transfer is complete, the sound will be.