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  With Insightful Cam, Pictures become clear in dim light.
  Ancient text seems to disappear also become clear.

If you have Insightful Cam, you can find things in the dark.

And when you can’t read the too small characters written on the bottle of the medicine, which is OK.Even when the image is still, or it is running, it zooms 1.0x-8.0x by pitching.Zoomed image is clearly visible.

Shall we observe small insects hiding behind the leaves?

It makes clear little change in brightness and color such pictures in dimly lit places or thinly written notes in pencil in real time. Then can be magnified and you can take a screen shot.

Please look through the Insightful Camera sky clouds in the day time, such as lighter color, vaguely-outlined.


You will see it clearly and brilliantly.


Tap the camera change button, you can switch front and back camera.
And so it can be used as a mirror.

Zoom in the picture, and try checking your skin.

  Screen shot    click image

InsightfulCam InsightfulCam InsightfulCam
original(by iPad mini) effect and zoom drawing with red marker

Insightful Camera

Insightful Camera
original after effect original after effect
Insightful Camera Insightful Camera
original after effect original after effect
Insightful Camera Insightful Camera
original after effect original after effect
Insightful Camera Insightful Camera Insightful Camera Insightful Camera
1.0x 1.6x 3.1x


clearly visible

★Insightful Cam


It does the noise reduction automatically in the dark.


The clarity of picture changes incrementally by rotation gesture.

Turn to the left, it is reduced. Turn to the right, it is more clearly

When it shows clear and magnified level, horizontal and vertical lines are displayed at the same time.

Tap the camera button, the picture will still.

Even when the image is still or running, you can zoom in it from 1.0 up to 8.0 times by pitching.
You can pan magnified image.

Tap the save button, and select CameraRoll then the image is saved.
Adjust the zoom and pan and clear again and again, you can save the image.

Still pictures start moving again on tap the trash button.

If you don't touch the screen, status bar and each button disappear in 10 seconds.

Once again it displayed when you tap the screen.

You can reset magnification to 1.0x and the level of clarity to the median when you shake iPhone or iPad.


★Drawing mode

Tap the camera button.

Tap the pen button. →The button's color change red.

It's means drawing mode.

When you want to erase your writing,tap the trash button.

Tap the pen button again, you can stop drawing mode.


★Upload the shot to Facebook or Twitter

Tap the save button, you can choose how to save the image.

If you choose Facebook, you can write comments and tap "Post".

If you choose Twitter, you can tweet and tap "Send".

When the data transfer is complete, the sound will be.




What's New in version 1.1

iPad mini supported.

Can set GPS info to picture.

Display Focus &Exposure area.

Fix Focus &Exposure with Long Press.(Red)

Auto Focus &Exposure area with Tap.(Green)

Indicate Focus &Exposure adjusting.(Yellow)

Can upload picture toFacebook or twitter.

Can draw on the picture with red marker.