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   Where is the moon now?


With “PlanetsAR”, you can watch the rising sun under the horizon.
So you will have a happy time while you are waiting for sunrise. And to search for a planet invisible to the naked eye. -- That is a pleasure! We wish  “PlanetsAR” excite your curiosity to space and hope you enjoy with this app.

Anywhere in the world, “PlanetsAR” calculates the orbit and position of the planet .And it composes Picture of the iPhone camera and the sun, moon, planets of the solar system (mercury, Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in real time and displays it.

Even if the Sun, moon, and planets are hidden in the clouds, or you are on the other side of the earth, you can know its position by “PlanetsAR”.

It calculates the position of planets, and therefore it is very usable for someone familiar with astrology and for someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets, sun and moon.

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PlanetsAR PlanetsAR PlanetsAR
Settings Sun / Moon info. by iPad
Saturn · Mercury · Sun

In the building

Moon and Neptune deer, Moon and Pluto

walking in Nara Park

with Moon and Neptune

harvest moon

in a few days

Kofuku-ji Temple in NARA

dragon Boat

for ceremony


Required iOS6.
iPad supported.

Design changed.
Corresponding all orientation of the device.
Adjust the focus and exposure for a point of screen user tapped .
Newly Information button to know the time of next sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, new moon and full moon.
Use Settings, you can select GPS and Direction info for embedded in the photo.
Use Settings, you can select high accuracy GPS mode.

Efficient memory usage.

Absorb the difference between the pre-device camera.


★The display list

To understand easier, in this app it magnifies and display The Sun, the Moon, and planets on the screen.



sign : Arise  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer  Leo  Virgo  Libra  Scorpio  Sagittarius  Capricorn  Aquarius  Pisces



phases of the moon 

the moon age

sign : Arise  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer  Leo  Virgo  Libra  Scorpio  Sagittarius  Capricorn  Aquarius  Pisces


●The planets of the solar system  - Mercury, Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto(dwarf planet)


●The horizon 

 8 azimuth directions on the horizon (0° North / 45° North-East / 90° East / 135° Southeast /

180° South / 225° South-West / 270° West / 315° North-West) display.

Symbols “▼” ”▲” on the horizon is guidepost to find the each position of  the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Please move your iPhone in that direction. And you can find the planet looking for.


●Green lines  - show in 15-degree increments height parallel to the horizon


● Blue lines  - show perpendicular to the horizon indicate azimuth angle every 15 degrees
* Bright blue line   - show east, west and south.


●the celestial equator(red line)


●the ecliptic(yellow line)the sun move along the ecliptic over the course of one year.


●the Moon's orbit(white line)the moon move along moon's path over the course of about one month.


●the movement of the sun of the day (yellow dotted line)


●the movement of the moon a day (white dotted line)


●compass direction through your camera (the angle eastward from north)


●degrees above the horizon


●When you aim the camera directly above or directly below, the compass appears.


★screen shot

You can capture a screen shot and save it.
1. Click camera icon on the toolbar and then bring the image to a pause.
2. Click Save icon, the image is saved. And it begins to move again.
3. If you don't want to save, click the Cancel icon.
4. If the toolbar is hidden on the screen, it will be on the display by touching the screen.
5. After 10 seconds Toolbar automatically disappear.


★About Calibrating Compass

See " iPhone and iPad: Calibrating Compass" in Apple support page.